What's Hot ... Sober October

Sober October is a fundraising campaign led by Macmillan Cancer Support aimed at challenging social drinkers to go alcohol-free in October to raise money for people with cancer. As 2020 has already been quite the challenge, there is the option this year to go sober for 14 days, 21 days or take on the full 31 day challenge. Not only is it a great way to support the fantastic work that Macmillan do in assisting the millions of people living with cancer in the UK, it’s also a big opportunity to make a healthy lifestyle change that can offer benefits such as a clearer head, more energy, better sleep and weight loss.

For more information about Sober October go to www.gosober.org.uk.

Inspired by this fantastic campaign our What’s Hot for this month focuses on alcohol-free healthier alternatives, a category that has seen a massive boost in sales over the last few years. The UK is noticeably drinking less booze, with data from Mintel suggesting that one in five Brits are now teetotal, rising to one in three 18 to 24 year olds. Drinks manufacturers are responding to this opportunity by creating a whole host of drinks from alcohol-free spirits such as gin, vodka, rum or whisky to mocktails and even non-alcoholic wine which offer all the flavour and taste of alcohol but without the hangover!

Click on the images below for a few of our alcohol-free product suggestions.