What's Hot ... Organic Beauty

Beauty and wellbeing consumers are becoming more eco-conscious, considering the planet as well as taking a more holistic approach to beauty. This is helping to drive the green beauty revolution with sales of certified organic and natural beauty products up 14% in 2018 according to the 2019 Soil Association Certification’s Organic Market Report.

The ‘quest for clarity’ is also a pivotal trend, as consumers are trying to weed out the more disingenuous or ‘greenwashed’ organic brands in search of trustworthy certified organic beauty brands. There is currently no legal standard in place to protect the term organic or natural for beauty products, which makes certification, such as ICEA, Ecocert, Soil Association or the globally harmonised COSMOS standard, very important in helping consumers to cut through the confusion and ensure the integrity and quality of the products they’re choosing.

Increasing awareness of certification and the benefits of organic beauty products is crucial and this year’s consumer campaign: Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week, part of the Organic September campaign, takes place from 9th – 14th September. To find out more about this celebration of the best that organic beauty and wellbeing have to offer and how you can get involved: beautywellbeingsupport@soilassociation.org.

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