Whtas hot... Immune Support

Our What’s Hot this month has to be focused on what is dominating news stories across the globe – coronavirus (also known as Covid-19). The simple precaution recommended by the NHS is to regularly wash your hands with soap and water or use a hand sanitising gel. But there are of course lots of steps that your customers can take to boost their immune system to help them tackle the virus from the inside out. The key is to focus on a healthy balanced diet and ensure they’re getting some exercise, but nutritional supplements and natural products can play an important supporting role too.

There are lots of multivitamin options tailored specifically to support the immune system, such as Higher Nature’s Immune+ which has a powerful antioxidant formulation filled with immune-boosting nutrients, such as blackcurrant fruit extract, bilberry and black elderberry, together with added zinc. Or targeting a single essential vitamin, such as vitamin D would be beneficial as an increasing number of clinical studies have shown it’s crucial for the immune system and it can also help to protect against respiratory tract infections, making it especially relevant for the current situation.

If your customers prefer to focus on adding immune-boosting natural products into their diet rather than taking supplements, there are lots of options to choose. From Manuka honey to spices like ginger or turmeric, herbs such as echinacea or fruits such as acerola cherries or acai berries.

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