What's Hot...Gluten-Free Bread

We’ve been talking to gluten-free experts Schar, who tell us that unsurprisingly, bread is still the best-selling category in the gluten-free market. Figures from Nielsen show that ambient bakery products claimed £43.7m of the market in 2020, up 7.6% from the previous year. Gluten-free bread is the area that the relatively small number of ‘super heavy’ buyers (2% of buyers account for 35% of spend) will be purchasing every week and so it’s the most important sector to get right.

The growth in bread has been consistent and is set to continue as ever-improving recipes and alternative formats will encourage the shopper to buy even more. It’s also the category where you can see the most convergence of key trends within the market; health and wellness, with the use of ingredients that can benefit gut health and immunity and plant-based foods, for those trying to follow a gluten-free vegan diet.

You can read Schar’s full article in our new Gluten-free Buying Guide.

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