What's Hot .... Energy Boost

The worry and anxiety cause by COVID-19 has impacted our sleep, whilst lockdown has meant a complete change to our routine and much less time spent outdoors, a combination which has left many of us feeling tired and lethargic. So it’s no wonder that as the lockdown is gradually released, we start getting back to work and generally a faster pace of life, we’re all still struggling to escape from those feelings of lethargy and are in need of an energy boost.

Swopping that morning cup of coffee for green tea or mushroom coffee which are higher in l-theanine can help balance the normal highs and lows of caffeine. Whilst incorporating natural and organic foods such as oats, nut butters, dried fruits, nuts and seeds into a healthy breakfast is a great way to fuel up for the day. They’re also great on-the-go snack options to try and combat that afternoon slump or a natural energy drink can offer a refreshing solution in the warmer weather.

Key nutrients for energy, such as vitamin B12 or iron can be lacking in some diets, making it worth considering a single supplement or trying a tailored multi-supplement with a combination of nutrients. These could include adaptogens such as maca and rhodiola or superfoods like cacao, matcha, cordyceps mushrooms or ginseng.

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