What's Hot ...  Cold Brew Coffee, Iced Coffee, Tea & Kombucha

Brits are well known for being a nation of black tea drinkers, but the latest statistics show that UK consumer tastes have really started to change. Not only are we noticeably moving away from standard black tea towards fruit and herbal varieties that offer functional benefits and innovative flavours, but we’re also starting to see a noticeable increase is sales of the more on-trend format of cold tea and coffee based drinks.

These ready-to-drink products can offer consumers a great tasting alternative to alcohol, which is lower in sugar than a standard soft drink, often with a clean ingredient deck and also has the functional benefits they’re looking for, such as an energy boost for the morning or to help keep their digestive system in balance. What’s more they’re a convenient grab and go solution that works for a busy lifestyle.

Whilst iced tea and coffee have been around for a while, sales of kombucha fermented tea have exploded in recent years with projections that global kombucha sales will double from £1 billion in 2019 to 2 billion in 2022, but it’s cold brew coffee that looks set to be the next big trend.

Cold brew is created by steeping coffee in cold water for at least 12 hours. Once the coffee has finished steeping, the end product is a strong concentrate that can be mixed with water or milk. Because cold brew uses time instead of heat to extract the coffee’s oils, sugars and caffeine, the end result is a lot smoother and generally less acidic and bitter than iced coffee.

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