Inspire Your Customers With Some Simple Switches


In an age in which so many document their lives on social media, looking great, feeling good and sleeping well are the new luxuries that consumers want to enjoy and flaunt. This means that consumers are increasingly placing more importance on health and wellness, with eating healthily, and exercising regularly becoming a lifestyle choice. In fact, figures from online statistics and market research portal, Statista, show that the value of the UK’s health and wellness market grew from £20.3bn in 2013 to more than £23.4bn in 2018.

However, knowing where to start when it comes to changing your diet can be difficult, as there is a plethora of often conflicting information and advice available online, through social media, bloggers and touted by celebrities. But why make it complicated, when making a few simple switches such as trying stevia instead of sugar in baking recipes, swopping white wheat pasta for konjac spaghetti or using tofu in a stir-fry instead of meat, can make a real difference to your customers health and lifestyle.

To help you inspire your customers, we’ve put together this brand new Simple Switches Buying Guide which is packed full of healthier alternative products in key food categories including sugar, salt, fat, dairy, meat and grains. We’ve also included a handy guide to the different food alternatives, to help your customers choose the right products for them.


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