Raw Buying Guide

The raw food ‘trend’ which has its roots in the strict diet followed by many vegans, has over the past decade or so, been slowly growing in momentum and has now hit the mainstream.

The increased media awareness over ‘unhealthy’ ingredients has led to health-oriented consumers seeking out ‘clean’ foods that have a much higher nutrient and enzymatic content, with the promise of a whole host of health and lifestyle benefits. The rise of foods using raw or dehydrated ingredients including; breads, cookies, nuts & seeds, bars and chocolate provide an easy way for consumers to incorporate these raw foods into their diet and also gives them a great introduction to becoming a raw foodist.

Raw foodism can be seen as more of a philosophy rather than as a set of rules, as there is no official definition of ‘raw’ and therefore no regulations governing packaging claims. In this guide we have brought together key brands and products that meet the accepted Health Food Industry definition of raw which is uncooked food that has not been heated to above 118oF (47.7oC). Our aim is to support you in offering your customers the latest and proven best-selling raw products.

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