Product Review 2018

December is a great time to review what’s been another eventful year for new products and trends. Our Buying Team have picked out some of their most successful new product launches for 2018 and their top tips for products to look out for in 2019.

Launched in November and generating a lot of interest is the gut-friendly, low FODMAP range of snacks, sauces and kitchen staples from the FODY Food Co. It is estimated that between 10-15% of the global population live with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and 75% of those see symptom relief following a low FODMAP diet. The brand have taken the stress and guess work out of which foods to avoid by creating their delicious range of products which are exclusively available from Tree of Life.

CBD oil has been the key new health and wellness trend for 2018 and its popularity is only set to grow for 2019. The CDB One range uses organically grown oil, specifically chosen for its high CBD content, it’s also rich in terpenes to provide the best ‘Entourage Effect’. Processed using state of the art CO2 extraction methods, the range is fully laboratory checked to confirm its cannabinoid profile.

2018 has been the year that veganism hit the mainstream, with the number of vegans in the UK now reaching a record 600,000 equating to 1.6% of the UK population. The price, choice and quality of vegan products has significantly improved in response to this evolving trend and one innovative new vegan product to look out for in 2019 is Nature’s Charm Banana Blossom. Banana Blossom is a popular salad and stir fry ingredient across Asia. The savoury flavour and chewy texture are reminiscent of pulled pork and it can be eaten raw or cooked. With a flakey texture, it also makes a good, low calorie fish substitute as it can be flavoured with seaweed and battered to recreate chip shop style battered fish!

Just Water, the eco-conscious bottled water brand from the US is causing quite a stir in the UK and is off to a flyer when it comes to sales. Founded by Jaden Smith, son of Hollywood superstar Will Smith it’s packed in 82% renewable packaging using bio-plastic made from sugarcane and paper carton from sustainably managed forests, whilst the still spring water itself is bottled from a sustainable source in Northern Ireland.

Predicting what’s set to be the top trend or latest new product for next year can be tricky, but one trend that is guaranteed to see a continued increase in popularity and further new product innovation is the demand for high protein products, specifically from plant-based ingredients. Picking up on this trend, we’ve just launched a brand new Tree of Life range of high protein, gluten-free and organic pastas. Made from 100% legumes they pack a protein punch with up to 26% plant protein per serving. Available in three varieties: Red Lentil Fusilli, Green Pea Penne and Chick Pea Gnocchetti, they offer consumers a perfect simple switch for a healthier diet.

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