NEW! Pet & Household Buying Guide

As consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the health and environmental impact of the products they choose to eat, drink and use on their skin, they are now applying these same principles to what they feed their pets and use to clean their homes.

Proof of this can be seen in the +22% growth in the eco-cleaning category, within the context of an overall cleaning market that is in decline, down 3% versus 2017 according to the latest IRI data. Consumer buying habits also reflect this change as according to research by Nielsen, 26% of consumers now look for organic and all natural household products and 24% expect the packaging to be environmentally friendly.

It seems that there is little that pet owners won’t do for their pets, including being twice as likely to reduce the amount they spend on their own food rather than pet food and even sharing their own food with their pampered pets too. Pet ‘parents’ are trading upwards, looking for premium, natural, organic and sustainable pet products and this is helping to drive an estimated 15% year on year growth in the natural pet food market, which is now valued at £226m.

We’ve updated our Pet & Household Buying Guide to reflect these changes in the market and included the latest top-selling and innovative products to help you make the most of these categories within your store. With public concern and awareness about the impact of plastic at an all-time high, Tom Domen from Ecover gives us some handy tips for what packaging to look out for when choosing household products for your store and an insight into Ecover’s long-term strategy for innovation and sustainability. Whilst you can read about current and future market trends in the pet care category on pages 10-12.

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