NEW! Healthy Drinks Buying Guide

Now that spring has officially sprung and the clocks have gone forwards we’re focusing on the drinks category in preparation for a thirsty summer! These are interesting times indeed as the UK healthy drinks category is showing strong and sustained growth in response to changing consumer tastes and demands.

Fuelled by concerns over sugar intake consumers are increasingly seeking no added sugar alternatives and brands are innovating in response to this trend. Totally Wild 100% fruit juice blends with Aloe ferox combine the hydration benefits of Aloe Vera with delicious fruit juices and no added sugar. Top seller Nuva water is a great alternative for flavoured bottled water with no sugars, sweeteners or preservatives, and we are also seeing many new plant waters such as Watermelon Water, Cactus Water and Tree Waters including new Go Birch birch tree water which has 20% off in April.

Green tea is now becoming widely recognised as a healthy alternative to black tea, coffee and sugary soft drinks and younger consumers are now seeking bolder flavours. Heath & Heather have responded to this trend with their new range of Green Tea’s blended with Coconut, Ginger and Manuka.

To help you maximise your drinks sales we’ve launched our new Healthy Drinks Buying Guide packed full of the latest product innovations and proven bestsellers plus the latest market statistics and insights. The guide is enclosed FREE with your copy of the April New Products & Promotions book. If you haven’t received your copy please just give our Customer Care team a call.