NEW & Updated Healthy Drinks Buying Guide

We are a nation of social drinkers, whether that’s meeting a friend for coffee or sharing an evening down the local pub, but the impact of Covid-19 and successive national lockdowns has certainly put a damper on these social conventions and given a big boost to the number of drinks being added to shopping baskets. The clear category winner here is coffee, with data from Kantar showing that coffee consumers spent an additional £50m1 during the first lockdown. Its premium varieties such as roast & ground and pods which enjoyed the biggest uptake in sales, as consumers looked to re-create the coffee shop experience at home.

The pandemic has also heightened interest in one of the prevailing trends in the drinks market, health. With evidence linking increased BMI with poor Covid-19 outcomes, many people have looked to reassess their lifestyles and pay more attention to their well-being. Sugar remains a key health concern, with 70% of consumers now looking for low or no-sugar options when choosing soft drinks and this has helped to drive an impressive 176% growth in the sales of seltzers, sparkling water with light fruit flavouring, and no added sugar. Our healthy drinks expert, Oli Clements, co-founder of DRTY Drinks, explores the latest expansion of this trend, hard seltzer, on page 8.

It’s also no longer just about taking out the bad stuff, consumers are demanding additional functional benefits from their drinks, such as helping to boost their digestive or immune systems. And it’s the tea category that is the focus here, as research from Mintel suggests that 72% of tea drinkers are interested in getting at least one extra health benefit from their tea. Matcha, turmeric, and rooibos are the current top trending flavour searches on
Google. Turn to page 4 for an insight into the wonderful benefits of rooibos tea from Georgia Ginsberg, Director of Tea Times Trading.

To help you stay up-to-date with this fast-moving category, we’ve produced this updated Healthy Drinks Buying Guide packed full of new product innovations and proven bestsellers, as well as the latest market data and insights, including an overview of the huge sales opportunity offered by plant-based drinks on p11.

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