New Healthy Drinks Buying Guide

From oat milk and kombucha to cold brew and turmeric latte, the UK drinks market is packed full of healthy drinks that offer functional benefits but still deliver on taste, price and the current major challenge to face the category, sustainability.

The introduction of the sugar tax in 2018 had a big impact on the cold drinks market, putting health firmly at top of the agenda for manufacturers and consumers alike. Over 50% of manufacturers reduced the sugar content in their drinks leading to an impressive 30.4% drop in sugar intake from soft drinks since 2015, whilst 70% of consumers now look for low or no sugar options when choosing soft drinks.

It’s also no longer just about hydration, consumers are demanding much more from their drinks. With adults looking for a premium, great tasting alternative to alcohol or to get additional functional benefits from their drinks, such as an energy boost for the morning or to help keep their digestive system in balance. Turn to page 8 for an insight into the trend for kombucha fermented tea from Lo Bros Living Drinks.

Premiumisation and functionality are also dominating when it comes to hot beverages. As UK consumers, led by a younger more adventurous generation, are no longer happy with standard black tea, there is a demand for higher quality tea and varieties that offer functional benefits, innovative flavours and formats, such as cold tea. Our healthy drinks expert, Sonja Gmelin, Marketing Director from YOGI TEA® explores the latest hot trends on page 4.

To help you stay up-to-date with this fast moving category, we’ve produced an updated Healthy Drinks Buying Guide packed full of new product innovations and proven bestsellers. It also includes the latest market data and insights, with an overview of the huge sales opportunity offered by plant-based drinks from industry specialist Provamel.

Click on the image below to browse through the buying guide.