Healthcare Buying Guide

As a nation we are increasingly taking a more proactive approach to our own health, aspiring towards the kind of healthy lifestyle that is actively promoted in the press, on social media and by a host of celebrity ‘influencers’. Supported by the growing access to online healthcare information, consumers are turning towards self-diagnosis and self-treatment, with younger consumers looking to meet certain diet and fitness requirements, whilst older generations are often using VMS to try and avoid sickness and the development of chronic health conditions. In fact, Mintel estimates that 50% of UK adults now take some form of vitamin, mineral or supplement.

The healthcare market can be a tricky one to tackle, with such an incredibly varied range of products and consumer needs it can be hard to know what to focus on, which is why this updated version of our Healthcare Buying Guide includes the latest market data and guidance from our industry experts. Sharon Golbey, Head of Marketing & Direct Sales at Higher Nature gives a great overview of the category and the latest trends within the industry including, ancient Eastern wisdom, beauty from within and cognitive health. Whilst we get a more in-depth insight into another of these trends, digestive health, from leading prebiotic brand, Bimuno. We also have a comprehensive guide to women’s health from UK leading nutritionist, Dr. Marilyn Glenville.

This easy-to-use guide, is packed full of the bestselling and latest new products. We’ve divided brands and products into three clear and easy-to-use categories: Vitamins, which includes all single and multivitamins, Minerals & Homeopathic, and Supplements. As supplements can encompass such a wide range of products from cod liver oil through to moringa powder, this section has been further broken down into the most relevant sub categories, so that products can be found by target audience, benefit or product type.

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