NEW Gluten Free Buying Guide

UK consumers spent an extra £490m on gluten-free products last year, that’s a 42.5% growth on the previous year’s figures, with the same Kantar data suggesting the take home market for products making gluten-free claims is now worth more than £1.6bn. Despite the fact that some of this growth can be attributed to naturally gluten-free products being re-labelled to emphasise the benefit, it’s a pretty remarkable advancement for the category and a clear sign that it should remain a key focus in store.

The expansion in the appeal of gluten-free is a key factor helping to drive this surge in sales as gluten-free has become synonymous with a healthy lifestyle. Consumers are choosing to avoid gluten as a way to lose weight, because it makes them feel better or generally as part of a healthier lifestyle. Research commissioned by leading gluten-free brand FREEE confirms this, as 28% of gluten-free shoppers cited this as their main reason for buying.

This perceived ‘health halo’ is also helping to drive product innovation, taste and quality as gluten-free manufacturers are starting to look at reducing the fat and sugar content in their products whilst increasing the nutritional profile and taste. There has also been more convergence with other retail trends such as vegan and sustainability. Conventional brands have also started to tap into this more mainstream appeal, launching gluten-free variations of their top-selling products, creating a gluten-free fixture that offers customers more variation, choice and price points than ever before.

This updated version of our Gluten-Free Buying Guide offers a one-stop-shop for the broadest and most innovative range for your customers’ gluten-free needs. We’ve also included an overview of the latest market data and trends from industry expert brand, FREE, with some great gluten-free baking tips and recipe ideas.

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