NEW Eco Friendly Buying Guide

A Sustainable Future

UK consumers are becoming more environmentally aware, with a recent study showing that 80% of shoppers are concerned about the future of the environment with more than half claiming to have reduced the amount of plastic they use in the last 12 months, 71% made substantial efforts to recycle more waste and 51% to reuse products and materials*. And this is having a direct impact on how consumers shop as they are looking to engage with brands who are clearly delivering on environmental issues too. From sustainably sourced natural ingredients, ethical and eco-friendly production methods to recycled, biodegradable and minimal packaging or unique re-useable solutions to everyday items.

The eco-cleaning and household categories continue to lead the way when it comes to innovation in product sustainability. Tom Domen from prominent industry brand Ecover, gives us an insight into the brands long-term strategy towards sustainability including their first product using waste ingredients on p4. Whilst we get the lowdown on bamboo as a more sustainable and environmentally friendly solution for toilet paper and tissues from Julie Chen, Co-founder of The Cheeky Panda, p8.

Once seen as a radical, niche product, the menstrual cup has now become a convenient and affordable product for millions of women around the world. Miia Kankaanpaa, Sales Director for Lunette, talks to us about how attitudes have changed and why it’s not just a great option for the environment but offers huge potential for your business too on p10. And Geoff Kerouac & Rob Costello, Co-owners of Friendly Soap, tells us about why we’ve fallen back in love with the good old-fashioned bar of soap on p14.

We’ve created this new Eco-friendly buying guide to reflect this shift towards responsible consumerism and included the latest top-selling and innovative products in a number of key categories. We’ve also included some handy eco-friendly credentials for each brand, as 69% of consumers are more likely to buy if they have clear information detailing the sustainable attributes of a product*.

Click on the image below to browse through the buying guide.

*GlobalWebIndex study of 2,264 UK internet users aged 16-64.