NEW Eco Friendly Buying Guide

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused many of us to re-assess our lifestyles to prioritise health and wellness, and not just in regards to our health but that of the planet too. A recent Harris Interactive Survey highlighted that 33% of consumers believe plastic pollution has now become an even more important issue. And it’s not just consumer resolve that has been strengthened, the Government, manufacturers, and brands both big and small, are all still committed to change. Which is why we have a big focus on zero waste in our new Eco-friendly Buying Guide with information, tips and helpful guidance on how Independent retailers can lead the way when it comes to reuse and refill sections in their stores.

The main body of the guide is still packed full of the latest top-selling, innovative, and sustainable products in a number of key categories, with a handy tick-box reference for each brand’s eco-friendly credentials.