Natural & Organic Products Europe Show, April 2022

It’s been three years in the making, but we finally had the return of the Natural & Organic Products Europe show at the start of April. It was fantastic to be able to get back to talking to retailers face-to-face and for our buying teams to have the opportunity to discover some exciting new brands.

Our Tree of Life stand has become a focal point at the show and this year was no different, you couldn’t really have missed the giant hanging Tree of Life banner! There was the opportunity to sample our delicious new Tree of Life Organic and Gluten-free Pestos and dairy-free Oat Drinks, but we also had 25 brands exhibiting with us including bestselling favourites, exclusive partners and some great new brands: Dillon Organic, Oatmade, GoBeDo, Greenypeeps and Ethique.

Dillon Organic has launched 3 delicious tasting keto breads, packed with natural, plant-based ingredients such as flaxseeds, sunflower seeds and psyllium husk. Made with no gluten or eggs, they’re vegan, low sugar, high fibre and suitable for keto, paleo and low GI diets.

New from Mornflake is Oatmade, an oat-based alternative to rice and noodles. With 6 varieties (3 pots and 3 pouches) and flavours including Katsu Curry and Mexican Style, they’ve been created using oats sown, grown and milled in the UK and they’re ready to eat in just 90 seconds.

GoBeDo is revolutionising how health supplements should taste with their immunity-boosting chewing gum, containing Chitosan & proven in lab studies to reduce the viral load of viruses in the mouth. Whilst their Collagen Snacks are the world’s first Collagen Croutons, Chips and Granola. All of which have 10g of collagen and up to 15g protein with as few as 65 calories.

Greenypeeps’ is a range of carbon-negative teas, featuring 4 delicious 100% organic and unique mood-based infusions. Made using only the best, pure, whole leaf ingredients balanced for health benefits and maximum flavour.

And last but not least, help your customers to ditch the plastic bottles with Ethique’s range of salon-quality solid bars, made from sustainably sourced and naturally derived ingredients. All are packaged in home-compostable packaging which can simply be ripped up and popped into the compost.