NEW Healthy Snacking Buying Guide

The traditional mood-boosting association of snacks has come to the forefront during the COVID-19 outbreak with many turning towards chocolate, biscuits or crisps to offer some comfort when they’ve felt tired, stressed or bored during the pandemic. In fact, according to Kantar data, snack sales surged more than a quarter since the lockdown in March 2020, equating to an extra spend of £133.2m. With chocolate consumption reaching its highest point in the past two years, even higher than Christmas and Easter and UK consumers buying an extra 21% worth of crisps1. This boost in sales may have been initially dominated by more indulgent products, but bolstered by the evidence linking increased BMI with poor COVID-19 outcomes, health is now firmly back on the agenda.

However, the term healthy is incredibly subjective, with consumers now demanding so much more from their ‘healthy’ snacks. Not only do they have to contain less sugar, fat or calories, they also have to be made from natural, plant-based ingredients with no artificial nasties, offer added functional benefits and of course be sustainable too. But despite these healthy intentions, taste remains the number one priority, if a product doesn’t taste good or have an inspiring flavour then consumers will simply not purchase it again. Even healthy snacks are still perceived as a treat, so they have to be worth the calories!

To help steer you through the incredibly varied and complex snacking category, we’ve produced a brand new updated version of our Healthy Snacking Buying Guide, featuring a comprehensive list of the proven best-selling brands and innovative new products. We’ve also included the most up-to-date market data and an overview of the latest trends within the category from Helen Pomphrey, Marketing Director at Eat Real Healthier Snacking and Tree of Life Foods.

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