Healthcare Buying Guide

It’s fair to say that the UK supplements and healthcare market, which had been predicted to enjoy a steady 6% growth over the next 5 years to reach £465m by 2024, saw an explosion in sales when the coronavirus pandemic hit. Sales soared 19.5%* in the month leading up to lockdown as consumers, clearly worried about their health and influenced by copious amount of media coverage, turned to supplements to help boost their immune system to fight off COVID-19. So it’s no surprise that it was vitamin C that saw the largest boost in sales, up 110% in a month, with multivitamins also seeing a surge, especially those aimed at the higher risk, 50+ age group. Vitamin D, which had in the last 12 months overtaken vitamin C as the UK’s most widely used single vitamin, came to even more prominence during the pandemic as a result of Public Health England re-issuing their vitamin D guidelines and the publishing of major clinical studies.

This updated version of our Healthcare Buying Guide includes the latest market data and guidance from our industry experts, focusing on some of the key health concerns of the moment: immune health, stress, anxiety and sleep. Andrew Thomas, founder and Managing Director of BetterYou gives a great guide to vitamin D dosage as well as picking up on the importance of sustainability. Whilst we get an in-depth insight into the unique health benefits of bee products for immunity, energy and focus, sleep and anxiety from Sarah Orecchia, founder of Unbeelievable Health. We also have a comprehensive guide to stress, anxiety and sleep from UK leading nutritionist, Dr. Marilyn Glenville.

This easy-to-use guide, is packed full of the bestselling and latest new products. We’ve divided brands and products into three clear and easy-to-use categories: Vitamins, which includes all single and multivitamins, Minerals & Homeopathic, and Supplements. As supplements can encompass such a wide range of products from cod liver oil through to pre and probiotics, this section has been further broken down into the most relevant sub categories, so that products can be found by target audience, benefit or product type.

*Kantar 4 w/e 22 March 2020