Healthcare Buying Guide

The last 12 months might have been another rollercoaster of a year as we continue to battle through the Covid-19 pandemic, but the UK Supplements and Healthcare Market has enjoyed another year of strong growth, up 20.7% (£107.4m) to £626.2m*. Worried about their health and looking for a way to boost their immune system, or help with issues such as stress, anxiety and sleep that have been exacerbated by the pandemic, almost 2.8 million more shoppers bought from the category in the last 12 months with the average basket spend also increasing*.

It’s no surprise that vitamin D remains the most widely used single vitamin with sales up 103%*, whilst multivitamins, an obvious choice for shoppers entering the market for the first time, have also seen a surge, especially those aimed at the higher risk, 50+ age group. Industry experts predict that we’re likely to see some slow down in this sales growth with the majority of the adult population now double vaccinated, those eligible set to receive a booster and the potential rise in food prices and household bills that is set to put increasing financial pressure on many consumers.
This updated version of our Healthcare Buying Guide includes the latest market data and guidance from our industry experts. Corin Sadler, Nutritional Therapist from Higher Nature talks about what it really means to support immune health, the interplay between the gut and immune function, and the rise of long-Covid. Whilst we get an in-depth insight into Ayurveda and how it can be the answer to many of today’s health concerns from Ria Pattni, Co-Founder of Fushi Wellbeing.

An easy-to-use guide, packed full of the bestselling and latest new products. We’ve divided brands and products into three clear and easy-to-use categories: Vitamins, which includes all single and multivitamins, Minerals & Homeopathic, and Supplements. As supplements can encompass such a wide range of products from cod liver oil through to pre and probiotics, this section has been further broken down into the most relevant subcategories, so that products can be found by the target audience, benefit or product type.

*Kantar 52 w/e 21 February 2021