Fairtrade Event

Fairtrade Fortnight takes place for two weeks over February and March each year. The campaign puts a spotlight on the farmers and workers who grow our food in developing countries and the difference fair trade can make to their lives and communities. This year’s campaign, which runs from 25 February to 10 March, will focus on cocoa. Farmers of this iconic Fairtrade product have seen prices crash to crisis levels in the last few years, particularly in West Africa where most cocoa is grown. Many of these farmers, don’t earn enough for the basics many of us take for granted, including food, education and housing. It’s even worse for the women, who despite theirhard work, are often overlooked and  underrepresented, and usually see even less of the money for their crop. So, the voices and stories of these women farmers will be at the heart of this year’s Fairtrade Fortnight.

To learn more about the campaign and how you can get involved, visit the Fairtrade Foundation website www.fairtrade.org.uk where you can find a host of resources and inspiration.

To help you support this campaign in store, we have up to 20% off selected Fairtrade brands and we’ve also included a complete list of the fairly traded products that we stock, with products that are on promotion highlighted in red.

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