Digestive Health Buying Guide

Our digestive system is host to trillions of microorganisms, with at least 1,000 different species of known bacteria. This gut microbiome is increasingly being recognized as the centre of our health and wellness; supporting not only the digestion of foods, the immune system and brain function, but also, as the latest research indicates, our mental health.

Consumer awareness of the importance of digestive wellbeing is higher than ever, with figures from Mintel showing that 68% of people in the UK are now actively concerned with looking after their gut health. We have come to realise that a combination of a poor diet, processed foods, antibiotics and everyday stress have had a negative impact on our gut microbiota and this is impacting our overall health and wellbeing.

To get the balance right and ensure that this unique ecosystem is thriving, there are various foods, drinks and supplements that your customers can add into their daily routine. From pre & probiotics and digestive enzymes through to fermented foods such as apple cider vinegar, miso and kombucha, there are lots of options to help keep everyone’s tummy happy, not forgetting pets too.

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