Healthy Cooking & Baking Buying Guide

Home cooking and baking has undergone a real revival in recent years. According to Mintel, the sales in the home baking market alone increased from £523 million in 2009 to £1.7 billion last year.

This revival has been partly attributed to the huge popularity of TV shows such as the BBC’s Great British Bake Off and fuelled by the use of social media, which has helped to transform the way we talk about food, with information and recipe ideas spreading further and faster than ever. These same consumers are also now more informed about the food they eat, with Mintel’s research showing that three in 10 bakers often look for ideas to make their recipes healthier, whilst TV chefs and celebrity bloggers such as Jaime Oliver and Deliciously Ella offer ideas for vegan, gluten and dairy free recipes.

We’ve created an easy-to-use guide to healthier cooking and baking ingredients, from sugar and oil alternatives through to gluten-free flours and milk alternatives. The guide is categorised into clear sections, which feature a comprehensive list of proven best selling brands and products.

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